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Medium Nadia Brisset
Channeling & Self-Realization
"The Divine Energy and Universal Service of Humanity ..."
« Channeling is a link between the visible and the invisible world … Real Pearl of knowledge, teaching, and infinite Loev in the Peace and the Light... »

Channeling by Nadia

It is in a modified state of consciousness (mediumnistic trance) that i become a « Channel ».

My vibrations increase and i simply let myself go, invested and filled with a new internal energy...

Calmly, i « make the way » to the Spiritual Guides, the healing Beings of Light, Guardian angels, Spirits of Nature, Masters Assenssionnés and many other forms of energies and conscienses evolving in other worlds ...

Messages are then uttered by my vocal chords, i am in this precise moment « linked » with parallel dimensions but also ahead of us, the Human Beings ...

This « Connection » of Peace and Knowledge allows to open « doors » with the good keys... Each pipe and energetic transmission is a unique and personnal moment adapted according to the needs of each individual ...

Nadia Brisset channeling « The Universe contains some more of Divine presents » Nadia Brisset channeling
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