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Heavenly love pearl
Medium Nadia Brisset
Channeling & Self-Realization
"The Divine Energy and Universal Service of Humanity ..."
« Sublime Divine Pearls are in you, connected to the Universe ! Open your hearts ! You will find the thread of this precious reliance … Love ! »
-Dixit my Spiritual Guides -

Sacred connections by channeling

In my point of view, our journey on Earth is not a straight line with a starting point and an arrival line. I'd rather see it as a succession of Pearls, each representing a stage in our lives (enjoyments, tests, failures, self questionnings, evolutions, success, etc …).

As an individual chain, taking its source in the Light ... the same Light for all of us …

Each of these Pearls is also in connection with the Universe, « the Whole ». Our purpose on Earth is to form the most beautiful Pearls with Love in order to contain up a maximum of this Love in each of us when we'll disembody.

It is all this accumulated Love which will transport us to and will transcend us in the World of Light ...

Nowadays, many of us cannot move forward in peace and confidence. Some may feel imbalenced and « empty » of any energy... That's why i suggest, with the help of my Spiritual Guides and Masters Assensionnés, to increase « your vibrations » during a Sacred Connection by Channeling.

Fleche droite The Love and Light inside you will update according to your needs at this very moment.

Fleche droiteYou will feel a Well-Being, a heat ; for others, it will be a release, an internal cleaning, and, at the end, a « Love from somewhere else... »

This will help you to get back on your road reassured, relieved and on the good path again.

Progress of this consultation :

Perle turquoise I am in a state of Channeling. I pass on you the « Sacred Connection », Universal Energy but also messages. Sacred chants might also be emitted.
Perle turquoise This Connection can be made either in my office, or by telephone (Duration : ½ hour).

Precision :

It is imperative that this Connection takes place in the biggest peace, that you sit or lenghtened. Thank you.

Nadia Brisset channeling In order to extend this moment, you will receive by mail a Pearl filled with this Divine Connection during this unique and personnal moment ... Nadia Brisset channeling