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Heavenly love pearl
Medium Nadia Brisset
Channeling & Self-Realization
"The Divine Energy and Universal Service of Humanity ..."
« Welcome the Divine and Universal Energies in you ! Let yourself transported by their soft vibrations ! Be released and happy ! You are the Life ! »

-Dixit my Spiritual Guides-

The Energies, Source of Well-Being

In these times of vibratory changes, the Universe, inexhaustible Source of Energies, gives us many « Energetic Divine Pearls » to help us to get better in our body and life.

By being a Universal channel, i can receive different Universal Energies from various « transmitters » having all the same Source … the « Divine Light » … the « Whole ».

So, overseen by my Spiritual Guides, i'm being granted the transmission of the Christlike Energy, the Archangel Raphael, and the Archangel Mickael, as well as of Master St Germain, Seven Sacred Shelves.

 Every Energy is adapted according to your needs and expectations, the purpose is to help your in your Being by finding vitality and serenity.

Precision :
I do not claim to be « superior » to whoever... I simply provide you the « tools » that i am allow to use... I am only a « receiver » like so many others !

Perle turquoise Progress of a session « Energy »:

Of course, peace is imperative ! It last about one hour in my office or by telephone. I let the energy come to me, adapted for you in this precise moment. During the session, i also deliver you the messages from the said « Energy »...

Perle Turquoise The Energies that are used can also help our dear companions, the animals. (In my office or remotely, a photo and a name will be necessary, thank you). Perle Turquoise