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Medium Nadia Brisset
Channeling & Self-Realization
"The Divine Energy and Universal Service of Humanity ..."
« I shall offer you rainy Pearls come from a country where it doesn't rain. »

Jacques Brel

Nadia Brisset - channeling -

Nadia Brisset channeling Member of the INAD Nadia Brisset channeling Murmures Divins Nadia Brisset channeling

Friend of the « Invisible world », Medium Channel and Spirit, member of the Inad , famous for several years, some of you may already know me through my « First Pearl », … "Murmures Divins".

It is with enjoyment and passion that, as a Universal Channel, various capacities were granted to me such as Channeling, Automatic writting, Telepathy, contacts with the Afterlife, Transmission of Energy and Animal Communication.

I am a « Messenger of Souls », of the Beings of Light all combined... The Spiritual Guides, the Guardian angels, the Archangels, and the Masters Assencionnés deliver me their « whispers », their teachings and diverse energies through my vocal chords when i a am in a state of Channeling (modified state of consciousness).

During these last years, and like a lot of you, i integrated by my experiments (sometimes happy and sometimes not...), new truths and evolutions … The energies, the vibrations are in perpetual movements and changes...and, i didn't escape this evidence !

These « revivals » took me today towards new pages which i hope will help you to find the road to Well-Being, Peace and Success.

My greatest satisfaction is to see you happy and peacefull thanks to my Channelings, my pure Pearls of Love and Hope... !

Perle Blanche The best for each of you !  Perle Blanche

Perle Blanche Heavenly yours Perle Blanche
. Nadia .