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  le : 2013-09-18
 de : Héléna One big Thank you for your help and your support. This channeling brought me many answers as well as a reliable resumption. Thousands of beautiful thoughts for you and your « little pearls ».


  le : 2013-09-19
 de : Sèverine An intense moment, very important for me. Thanks you to the Spiritual Guides and thank YOU Nadia for being the link with them.


  le : 2013-09-26
 de : Cathy Thank you dear Nadia for your help and your support and thank you to the spiritual guides who where present during the consultation.


  le : 2013-10-10
 de : Nathalie I recommand Nadia for her skills, her listening and frankness. Thank you for your help, the Guides filled my expectations. I shall come back to you very soon.


  le : 2013-10-14
 de : Cristina I wanted to tell you a big thank you. I feel much better. Thanks to the Guides and thank you, your mission is so beautiful.


  le : 2014-06-30
 de : Linda Thank you very much for your help dear Nadia.


  le : 2014-08-30
 de : Philippe A moment magic with my Guide ! Thanck you !


  le : 2016-05-23
 de : Julien Merci pour cet échange avec mon Guide Spirituel. Je connais à présent son nom, et le plus important pour moi, ma mission sur Terre. Maintenant je n'ai plus de doutes sur la bonne route à prendre !! Je reviendrai vers vous trés prochainement . Je n 'oublie pas mon Guide que je remercie également pour sa venue. A bientot.


  le : 2016-05-23
 de : Catherine Thank you for this moment , I'll never forget!